Choi Jin Shil’s ashes disappears


No one might let the world rest at all.

The deceased actress died on October 2nd 2008… and here comes more problems. The ashes of Choi was reported stolen from the burial site on August 15th. To make it even worse, the back of the tombstone was also smashed.

Some people can be effing evil!

Police are currently searching for the thief. But police says that it’ll be harder because the CCTV Cameras weren’t working since the 12th. Two soju bottles was also left on the site and police believes the thieve(s) left it behind.

Check out photos from the burial site.

One thought on “Choi Jin Shil’s ashes disappears

  1. Oh c’mon. Who would steal ashes? There is no real reason for someone to do that.

    Well they’re gonna pay the consequences soon!

    RIP Choi JinShil.

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