Kim Hyun Joong and Heo Young Saeng have sex with 2 Hong Kong hotties?


Oh brother.

You know how paparazzi can stalk you and claim you’re doing something wrong? You know how you could be whispering to your ex girlfriend, but paparazzi says you were kissing her. Yeah, life’s tough enough for us SS501 fans.

A Hong Kong Media called “Apple Daily” reported that SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong and Heo Young Saeng were in Hong Kong in Lai Kwai Fong. The girls with them are said to be Hong Kong girls, but who knows they might be Japanese or Korean.

It is said that it was around 1:30 AM and were drinking quite a lot of Red Bull. Keeps you going for hours huh? When you get tired, drink some Red Bull and keep going and going and going… like the Energizer Bunny.

They then entered a taxi after Heo threw a cigarette on the floor and went somewhere. The Hong Kong media are stressing that they went to do some “More activities” and secretly flew to Hong Kong to finish “those activities”.

But DSP Entertainment says that it’s just a scandal, false, lies, tabloid. “It’s Paparazzi work. SS501 were tired from the concerts in Japan and went to Hong Kong to release some stress with eight friends that were friends since the young days. The Hong Kong media is stressing it.

But is it true? What if those girls are strippers or hookers? Naah, our boys aren’t like that. Well, that’s what I hope. Check out this video!

Credits: v6inokenq @ YT


121 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong and Heo Young Saeng have sex with 2 Hong Kong hotties?

  1. I don’t think SS501 would really do that. Seriously paprazzis take things waay too far. I just hope that it’s just a lie!

  2. Most times the paparazzi will manufacture some scandalous news out of nothing to make a living. They always insinuate the worst of entertainers esp those with star status. Hyun Joong & SS501 members are easy targets. I guess it’s an occupational hazard but that’s when their fans should spport them. Stars are also human and should be allowed a life outside of their jobs and privacy to live it. Remember if you are loyal fans you will want HJ & SS501 to be happy. Paparazzi leave them alone!!!!!

  3. Please, the title is too over..i mean when u use the word “sex”..
    they’re definitely not having sex.of course.
    ok..bye..nice blog.. 🙂

  4. the paparazzi should stop trying to cook up such stuff about the celebs. and that video isn’t enough to prove anything -.- who knows, those two might not even be hyunjoong and youngsaeng. GOGO SS501 I LOVE YOU ALL 😀

  5. media is all about exaggeration….their work is to make a mountain out ov a mole hill… let them blabber cuz v d fans believe in them …..n wat if they had ssex or any kinda activities…they r humans like us …they cant always b perfect ….spare them ….nwez kim n young there is no boundaries or restrictions in having fun ..its ur life n do wat pleases u guys ….v r jus ur fans ….v cant dictate ur life rite ….x

  6. Leave them alone also some of people do this too but because they are not celebrities u don’t think of them Why do u separate celebrities and ordinary people ?? all are people celebrities are not ghost huh k?????

  7. ermm.. no comment. i think they are just friends.
    I’m quite disappointed when saw young saeng smoking. Are all of them smoking? I hope that baby joon don’t do that.. =(


    • qhen i saw him smoking i got the same as you…I WAS LIKE OMG!! WTF!! YS SMOKES!!! i was a little dissapointed of him i thought they were healthy lol but a few hours ago a found a picture of my beautiful leader smoking too so i was more in shock u.u but are right girls, they are human beings so am i and all of us, so what if the party or smoke, the thing is that i support SS501 and the 5 of them cause i love them

  9. omg i totally dont belive the paprazzi , they always making up stufff like that so they will get more news to say . heo young seang i didn’t even see him smoke the video is so dark and they wont simply have “sex” with people and that two girls are only friends from them. the sturis paprazzi trying make more then put this stupid news out . What people r u hong kong paprazzi r so …

  10. dah . i hate those paparazzi who made a scandalous news

    they must don’t do it

    … they were a some kind of trash !!

  11. OMG… I also got disappointed bout that issue esp HYS… he have a very nice voice then he just caught smoking… OMG HYS please stop that… please learn to have a healthy lifestyle.. my dear HYS… I hope u will not do that again… o_O

  12. they can’t do that, paparazzi was so mean to say that thing ! ! gosh i hate paparazzi ss501 leader & prince can’t do that ! !

  13. i know that yeong saeng cant do that!!i really hate the person who started that issue!!they wont do such a thing like that!!
    they are already popular!!!!!RIGHT GUYS?
    ss501-i will always support you!!forever♥


      • That person is not even YoungSaeng at all lols.
        I can sure for that because
        there is once ss501 in star golden bell and they
        had mention that that person is not YoungSaeng
        he did not even do anything.
        He was being any how say by the paprazzi lor.
        I really don’t like the paprazzi.
        Luckly ss501 was not being affected and still continue fighting.
        So don’t say any more bad things about him k.


  15. paparazzi just like to mind other ppl’s business…
    nd smoking saengie? dont believe it, WONT believe it! if he smokes that would affect his throat and lungs, which makes his voice sounds sooo bad… but his voice is angelic! if he smokes he cant hit those HIGH notes… =< saengie yaahhhh

    and how can u ppl just betray them like that?! after everything that they did for us fans… u guys just believe some s2pid paparazzi rumor?!

    ♥ss501 fighting!♥

  16. what’s wrong with going out at night with some friends? don’t we all do that? get a life ppl…

    the media is absurd…so what if they went out with some girls?
    so what if hyun joong & saengie were drinking red bull? so what if saengie smokes? does that make them bad people?
    who the hell r u criticizing them n making up stories of them getting hookers n having sex when what the paparazzi saw were just 4 people getting into a taxi!

    btw..why should saengie be hated for smoking? he’s a grownup ..he understands the bad effects of smoking, ppl can advise him otherwise..but WHY should he be hated for it?!

    this is not just because i’m a fan…but it’s not fair to treat ppl that way..

  17. That person is not even YoungSaeng at all lols. There is one time ss501 in star golden bell and they had mention that that person is not YoungSaeng he did not even do anything. He was being any how say by the paprazzi lor. I really don’t like the paprazzi. Luckly ss501 was not being affected and still continue fighting. Ss501 figthing Ss501 fans will surport you all always:)

  18. saranghae yeong saeng!bogo shipo.ojik wonhaneun geon your love!!!i♥you ss501……sply heo yeong saeng!i like u sooo much..i hope i can see u n person!saranghe!i dnt believe bad rumors about you!!♥

  19. ss501 oppa will definately not doing tht dirty things.seriouslyyy.omg,i hate paparazzi like hell yeah seriouslyy.they always talks about something tht ss501 not done and they will never done paparazzi,take note b4 you want to spread the news.investigate it first.

  20. just believe that heo is not a perfect guy… but the weakness can be fixed…he smooke!! that his weakness.. and that make him very annoying to me… heo..heo..

  21. hi! haha; this is kinda old news >.<

    no; they did not have sex with anyone there..
    and yea; young saeng did smoke, but you have to realize that many people smoke in korea.

    and those girls were fans or something; i can't remember.
    try searching in the Quainte international forums; i think they covered this story a while ago.

  22. huh?!!
    prince is smoking! i know in hongkong there are places where you can’t smoke, coz hongkong is so stirk about those things, no one can just throw anything anywhere. i think that not true. but if its true its ok, i will love YOUNG SAENG oppa forever!!!

  23. oooowwwwWWW…. O.o really,.. watta stupid idiot papapparazi,. its not true!!!! i would just believe if you have a video evidencethat heo youngsaeng and kim hyun joong have sex with a girls, who is eeeiiww,..

  24. >> no.. this is not true…
    >> young saeng and hyun joong is a innocent person…
    >> of course they going to say that bcoz ss501 is a big star..

  25. Those girls are they NONA’s, they are old friends of SS501 they are korean also. Those girls are translators they base in hongkong and also those two nonas boyfriends are ss501’s friends all though they are chinese. Kim Hyun Joong told the story in Strong Heart tv show. They invite the nonas because they cant speak chinese so its hard for them to deal where ever they go without translator.

  26. NO they didnt have sex seriously. Honestly, i read from another blog that they were old friends from back then. But im still confused a little they may or may not have. But young saeng shouldnt smoke. Maybe its a stress reliever or something. But smoking is bad for a great singer like him. D:

  27. IM IN SOO MUCH SHOCK!! How could Youngsaeng smoke!!?? And i dont think they were actually having any WIRD mand DISBEHAIVED activities.. but im really sad about saeng smoking… he was my fav!

  28. Does Young Saeng smoke? It’s like he is smoking. I hope that wasn’t truth. It makes my heart hurt a lot when I see it. I hope everything in this video isn’t truth.

  29. Ah….anyone please tell me that Young Saeng isn’t smoking, so I am get crazy for. Ah….does Kim Hyun Joong smoke too or not, because they friends right? I really want to know. Because I just know ss501 about 120 days. If anyone know please spend an e-mail to me. Thank you

  30. HYS is just like a baby to me and KHJ is just like a boy to me. I can’t believe that they are smoking. They are very perfect guys. Hyun Joong ah…. you always say that “Life in one strike” why are you doing smoething like that? Like you say ” Life in one strike” why don’t live your life more better than that?. I mean I’m very worry about you guy. Sometime we live in this world not only for ourself, but for someone that we love and hope the best things to that person. May God bless you.

  31. hey…..khj….i’m a fan from morrocco and you know how it’s far from korea it’s about 9 hours…….and from this far country wher i can’t see you just in web there’s a fan of you so why you dispointed me and i who’s going to travel to korea just for you so tell me why?……and you HYS you the ss501’s angel u smoke?why u do this to your self? can any one tell me why they did this?……………..ahhhhhhhhhhh…………..i’m just a broking heart fan from a far country………i just hope they inderstand that their act iffect them as their fans an ppl arround an i know that no barry’s perfect

  32. hey guys if i told u somthing u’ll hope that rumurs are tru cuz there’s a rumur that KHJ is gay………so this photos prove that he’s not…….so thanks god and KHJ live your life do anythings with thoose girls but plz do be gay then i’ll really hate u

    • Way to be a respecting fan. You’ll stop liking him if he likes guys? WHO EFFING CARES!? Let him do whatever he wants. If he likes a P more than a V, sure it’ll be disappointing, but he is still a great artist who deserves your respect.

    • Huh? But nowhere in the video proves that hj is gay or not. I’m not saying he’s gay or something.

      and everything totowasabii said, you hit it and I agree.

  33. i can’t believe dats young saeng oppa n hyun joong oppa do this…
    if its true,i really can’t accept it..
    its really broke my heart…

  34. ahhh,, can anyone tell the truth??? huh?? are you guys perfect??!! what if HEO YOUNG SAENG & KIM HYUN JOONG are smoking,, huh??? are you guys perfect?? nobody’s perfect,, but all of you guys are trying to be perfect?? they are just like as,, person who want to have fun,,, but why we are restricting them??? we’re only fans or lovers but we can’t tell to them what they are need to do,, we should understand that they need to have fun too,, if they have a problem or what and they consult as,, that is the time to tell them what they are need to do!!

    if anyone can prove that this is true pls send me a message in my email :

    • even they are smoking,,, we still have ni rights so restricted them,, cos’ we are only their fans,, i know that it hurts you so much when you see that cos’ i feel it in the same way,, but don’t worry young saeng is still a good boy

  35. well i guess dis is de LIFE,nobody can be such perfect ,innocent ,naive orr what-so-ever their face potraited ’em.without hidden flaws of attitude. especially after yu became a celebrity.i really hurt found out bout dis even dis is an old news.a bit disappointed in my heart. T_______T hoping de news wasnt true at all.BUT 1.30 am,they gonna do more activities ,like its stated,hangout wif friends?please,de management should think more appropriate plot behind de scene.
    Plus,they should know to be more careful leading de life as they are idols,paparazzi can be anywhere.we cant blindly blame ’em.

  36. This is REALLY old news. == No offence but I kinda suspected Leader smoking…but YOUNG SAENG is a different matter. o_0

    About he ‘sex’ bit that’s WAAAAAAY over exaggerated.

  37. i’m a new fan. i am thinking that Young Saeng is really a prince. but when i saw this, i couldn’t believe it. it’s a bit disappointing. i was like O__O but after 5 seconds. i said. SO WHAT?? SO WHAT IF HE SMOKES? MANY PEOPLE DO THAT. it’s not that i don’t care about him. i do care. and i want him to stop. i totally hate smokers but not Young Saeng. he is still Young Saeng even if he smokes. and i totally love him.

    oppa, please do stop. TS loves you so much! :)))))

  38. what the hell is this now why the people want to make khj down………………i really hate those person who r messing khj…………stupid aswell as crazy people.

  39. Guys, they’re in their 20’s. Of course they’re having sex. It’s almost weirder if they weren’t. Sure, it’s disappointing, but let’s let them live their lives. Young Saeng smokes. Whatever. I love the guys, but I’m tired of overestimating my idols trustworthiness. Anyone else with me?


  41. i dont think it was young saeng and hyun jung oppa…why artist can date…why???it,is wrong??? maybe that was their friend or else…but i will against you if you say it was sex…

  42. The Thing is wrong! they didnt have sex with the girls !
    ok , young saeng did smoke ! but only cause he was stressed and the girls are probley for work or sumthing so dont get it in any wrong ways!<3

  43. wahhhhhh im seriously not shocked about the news ….theyre human so what,…..the shocking thing is SAENGIE smokes WTF i feel like a big rock fell on me

  44. oh well smoking is bad but i think hes just stressed well my mother doesnt smoke now but she used to smoke to keep her in touch and well working when she was studying for her bar exams but im really seriously shocked

  45. I can’t believe that! But if it is real , I am forever funs of SS501,so I can forgive all….and understand all…..

  46. i think it is not real. i believe heo young saeng don`t do like that. If he can see this comment, i want to tell him that i believe him forever

    • I agree with you. They are grown guys, females will throw themselves at them… if a pretty one come along think they’ll reject? Nope.

  47. smoking once or twice is normal for many guys…but i hope they don’t smoke a lot…..still love them a lot after all its SS501 prince..and Kim hyun joong…be healthy oppas… and i believe i them that they will not do bad thinks….

  48. ellos tienen derecho de ser lo que quieren porque si ellos son cantantes ellos tienen derecho de descansar un rato porque se cansan abeses no duermen bueno si ellos toman o fuman que tiene eso deveser como un relago solamente porque este es el primer video que veo fumar a heo young saeng o que tomen si ellos deven ser lo que quieren con su vida si o no

  49. SERIOUS!!! Kim is so innocent it’s not his fault that he is handsome and some girls talk to him. Maybe it’s the paparazzi that having “fun” with the women

  50. oppa.i don’t believe about this case.but you don’t worry about this case.anyway,i wil always stand your fan.i love you so much.fighting!!!!!!!

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