[MV] G-Dragon is such a “HeartBreaker”


Not letting me be in this video. I actually thought his hairstyle was a wig? Did he really dye his hair blonde? If so: Wow too sexy.

Everybody is waiting and now you’re done waiting. G-Dragon has released the MV for his solo debut single titled “HeartBreaker”. If you’re wondering if he’s hot in this video… I’ll give you an answer. N-N-N-Yes! Yeah he was!

Check out the MV.

Credits: YGEntertainment @ YT

Aching for more? Check out the album preview.

Credits: DORKy0010 @ YT

I’m soo feeling his album.


2 thoughts on “[MV] G-Dragon is such a “HeartBreaker”

  1. I think he can actually compete with Lady Gaga. Lol. Someone’s got competition 🙂

    Btw does anybody notice how he looks like Edward Cullen? The was he’s holding the apple…
    And he’s all pale like… A VAMPIRE. Lmao.

    HAHAhahaha. Show-off. Go suck my blood. 😛

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