[MV] Did we make the Ten “Right Choices”


Remember the duo that people thought were bi. Well the MV for their new single “Right Choice” is finally out. I’m not sure if they’re actually bi or just plain lesbians, which is nothing to me. I’m okay with gays, homosexuals, bi’s, Transexuals and all those others.

Guys might enjoy the video. Hint: there’s a scene of them in the bathtub and butt rubbing.

If you’re a girl with your mother behind you or someone that can criticize you for watching this, I suggest you don’t watch it and move on. If you’re a guy and a big pervert, go right ahead. Check out the MV!

Credits: urasiansourceKpop @ YT


2 thoughts on “[MV] Did we make the Ten “Right Choices”

  1. Now they don’t look gay, they look more like sluts and whatever. the song isn’t as addicting. But they are sexy. Ah well, i just hope they’ll be able to make it and I hope the video doesn’t get banned…

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