DBSK might not be together afterall


There are rumors flying!

DBSK will have their first hearing for the fight with SM Entertainment on the 21st. DBSK filed a complaint about the long contract to the court. If the court doesn’t give it a ‘yes’, there is a big chance that the three members fighting against SM will be forced to leave the group, while SM finds three new members.

We all know there might be a big riot if that happens. DBSK’s fanclub are currently boycotting SM’s stupid ass, so if you want them to stay together, join them.

They should be together, the judge should be a fan of DBSK, right?


3 thoughts on “DBSK might not be together afterall

  1. just because they are going to find three new members and keep two, does not make it better. without jaejoong, yoochun, and junsu, dbsk is not complete.

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