[MV] Jeez! We’ve got another group


I wasn’t really gonna post this, until I saw the guys.

We’ve finally got something going on the the K-Pop world. It’s not a girl group… it’s not a boy group… it’s a gioy group! Oh yeah! I hope we can start a new trend like this in korea.

They are from Loen Entertainment and they are now presenting a new group called B2Y. The phrase “B2Y” is kinda weird, but stands for the group. Baby Boys to Yearning Girls. The phrase kinda makes me laugh. Doesn’t it?

The group has two female vocalist (as you can see for yourself). They’re called Nara and Licca. Berry entertaining names. Also two male vocalist: Han Yeon and Jin Woong. Berry Korean names. The boys are from the former group R-eal, which actually never had the chance to debut.


B2Y’s first mini album will pop out on the 21st of August. Check out the tracklist, video and some more piccys.

1. You’re Very Angelic
2. Jeez!
3. My Love
4. You’re Very Angelic (Inst)
5. Jeez! (Inst)
6. My Love (Inst)



The song is pretty catchy and has some 70s mix with it. Not sure if young people will like it, but since I’m young, you should like it too. Check out the MV!

Credits: urasiansourceKpop @ YT


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