Park Hyo Shin having a comeback!


Some of you might not know who this awesome singer is, but I do, so I recommend you to listen to his music.

He hasn’t released an album since his last album “The Breeze Of Sea” was released in 2007. He’s been singing for years, so some should know him by now. His deep voice make women pee in their pants, and gets me happy.

He signed a new contract with Jelly Fish Entertainment. His new album is titled “Gift”, and will be, of course, awesome like he is. It will be released in September, and will hold a solo concert in October for his 10th anniversary, so check him out!

My favorite song from him, which also makes me cry sometimes, is titled “Let’s Hate Each Other”. The song and the MV is so awesome! Check out the MV, to get an idea of him.

Credits: juxtadream @ YT


One thought on “Park Hyo Shin having a comeback!

  1. I LOVE Park HyoShin and I was sooo excited to see that he’s coming back. And Let’s Hate Each Other is such a great song!

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