Manabu Oshio admits of taking illegal drugs


And the case goes on.

Manabu Oshio confessed that he new he was taking illegal drugs. It was revealed on August 5th that Manabu Oshio was taken to jail for using illegal drugs. But we’re all wondering when this’ll end.

It is now confirmed that Manabu Oshio knows the woman that was found dead in her apartment. It is said that they both took MDMA (Ecstasy) at some point.

Oshio stated before that he got the pill from a friend. He now states that he got the pill from the girl.

The latest issue of FRIDAY says that Oshio was taking drugs overseas. They also interviewed a woman that said she met Oshio while she was working in a Tokyo club. She said she visited Oshio while he was in the US looking for work. When they were at his hotel, she said he offered her sex and ecstasy.

She also said that it continued for days and she ended up fainting once because of the drugs.

If this is true, Oshio has his own batch of Ecstasy and might have killed the woman.

Is he saying the truth?


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