Lee Dong Wook enters military life


It’s sad just seeing your favorite entertainer entering the military. Makes me cry sometimes.

Lee Dong Wook has enlisted in the military, and is still looking great. Most of you should know him from “My Girl” with actress, Lee Da Hae. Lee Dong Wook finished his upcoming movie “Bean Paste” on the 22nd and spent his last few days with his family.

Lee Dong Wook did a press conference on the 24th, revealing his new haircut. He finds it awkward when he looks at the mirror.

We will still be cheering for him… in 2 years.


5 thoughts on “Lee Dong Wook enters military life

  1. hi, i am an avid fan of lee dong wook… i hope he is ok in the military service.. keep it up.. were just here waiting for you… sarangheyo oppa… basha!!!!

  2. lee u r looking cool and sexy.take care of urself in military.u look good in any haircut so don”t feel awkard.work hard miss u andlots of kiss.

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