Park Hyo Shin reveals his “Gift”


By kissing Park Si Yeon… that’s not a great gift for me.

Fangirls… it’s a great time to come back to ballads, because this man can surely get you into ‘the’ mood. His upcoming album is titled “Gift” and it is getting me happier than I should be.

This 6th album is like a gift to his fans after disappearing from the music scene for more than a year… well he’s been gone for 2 years.

“Gift” will be released in two parts. The first part will be revealed on September 15th while the second part will be released sadly on November or December.

The entire filming of the video was filmed in Switzerland. This project seemed very big that his management spent 3 billion KRW on it. This video will be long, well it should cause it took 15 days to film. Park Si Yeon and Park Yong Ha will also appear in this upcoming awesome video. Because they’re both close friends to Park, they all didn’t ask for money.

In the upcoming MV Park Hyo Shin and Park Si Yeon play a couple while Park Yong Ha joins and makes the circle turn into a triangle. If you don’t get me, it’s a love triangle. You should get it now.

I was right, the MV is very long that there are five parts in it and it will be aired on MNet every saturday. It will start on August 29th.

It is now revealed that the single is called “After Love”. Check out a trailer aka teaser.

Credits: ishida21 @ YT

WOW! That’s all I gotta say.


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