Robber of Choi Jin Shil’s ashes… caught!


After waiting for what will happen next, we don’t have to wait anymore!

The investigation team in charge of this case revealed on the 26th that they found a 41-year-old suspect that was discovered at his home in Daegu just after midnight.

From the footage of the crime scene, police investigated the criminal and ran a check of phonecalls made near Choi Jin Shil’s burial site. Someone speaking on the phone on that night revealed that he saw someone near Choi’s burial site that lives in Daegu. They are positive that they have the right man when they found the hammer used to break Choi’s tombstone. They also discovered the same outfit from that same night.


And luckily they found Choi’s ashes. It’s not clear on what the robber’s motive was, but we will find sooner or later.

Police says that the suspect stated

Choi Jin Shil appeared in my dreams and told me to take her ashes, so I did as she said.

Police and others think he’s in a ‘retarded’ period in his life. Police do not believe his statement and only think he wants to escape jail time.



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