DBSK won’t be coming back anytime soon?


The biggest group in all of Asia will be suspending themselves for some while. Why is this happening?

Fans should know by now that three DBSK members are suing SM Entertainment. Yes, Jaejoong, YooChun, and Junsu are all suing SM Entertainment. After they complete all their planned schedules, they will suspend themselves from the Entertainment world, while the three members go against SM.

The court has heard both sides of the story and is currently deciding the truth and false statements. The court has told both sides to settle it, but we all fear that we’ll hear on the news “a member of DBSK found injured while two other members found tied in a warehouse.” God forbid that happens.

The ruling for this case will be issued on September 11th, I hope all you Cassiopeians can last till that day.

In other news, CreBeau, Chinese cosmetic that the three members are sharing their money with, is also suing SM too. Let’s see how this’ll turn out.


2 thoughts on “DBSK won’t be coming back anytime soon?

  1. I hope DBSK wins, because I’m really getting fed up of SM and DBSK winning will show that SM actually does have a weak spot!
    GO DBSK!

  2. Well sm is really a bad company. First dbsk sued them then suju. It shows how corrupted sm is. Will sm lose its two biggest cashcows? Please shinee snsd and every band under sm, SUE THEM!

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