Jae Hee enters Hollywood


After watching Rain on Speed Racer, which sucked, and getting excited about Kwon Sang Woo… but lost his role, we now have another Korean celebrity entering the Hollywood world.

Who is this man? I mean, you should know him from “Witch Yoo Hee”, which had one of the worst endings, but a very good plot. He also acted in “Three dads, one mom” which starred Eugene (Yoo Jin).

But what Hollywood movie is he acting in? He will now show us what he can do in the upcoming live-action Hollywood movie “Tekken”, which is one of Namco’s hit game.

Jae Hee is set to play “Hwoarang”, which is a Taekwondo master in the upcoming movie, which is said to be released this year. Yeah right!

Do you know what was cool? Even though this is off topic, I’ll say it. I watched “The Final Destination” in 3D like on Friday, the day it came out, and it sucked cause there wasn’t enough blood or guts. While I was watching previews I saw “Ninja Assassin”. Me and my sister wanted to scream so loud, but couldn’t, cause it’s a movie theater. I heard some people saying they were gonna watch it. I hope they do, cause watching the preview again got me excited.


3 thoughts on “Jae Hee enters Hollywood

  1. I hope that Jae Hee will also get noticed. I loved him in Witch Yoo Hee and 3 Dad’s and 1 Mom. This is soo exciting!
    Final Destination was OK. And I saw Ninja Assassin too!

  2. im so love to jaehe when he act to mongryong…in sassy girlchun hyang,, i hove he got a succsess in hollliwod.. i love him….

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