[Poll] Hottest Korean Girls Under 20

2am_KJPHere’s a topic we might all enjoy, especially you boys. It might blow your minds out if you see what’s coming up. KoJaProductions is now presenting to you Kojo’s the top 5 hottest Korean girls under 20… shall we start?

Let’s start with someone you all might, well should know. 2NE1’s leader… CL!


cl_KJPThis girl is just 18 and is ready for fun. She’s the main rapper of the hot new group and even has a killer vocal. She’s got too many people loving her, you’re not the only one. Fanboys love her, even though we’re just getting to know her. She doesn’t only have non-famous fans, even Baek Ji Young and Kim Hyun Joong are big fans of this lucky girl. No wonder her name stands for Charismatic Leader. She can attract anyone that looks at her.

Girls got it going on!


Who’s next? Try Wonder Girl’s SunMi!


You can’t say you don’t like her. It’s very impossible. The girls just 17 and she’s already dominating both Korea and America. She might not be the most famous person in the hit girl group, but she sure as hell has one of the best voices you can ever hear. SunMi is a girl that can turn a smile upside down. She can be tough sometimes, but bubbly most of the time. She’s just another girl next door. Try ringing her doorbell?

We all know that all guys want this adorable girl!

Who’s next to make it on our list? It’s Kara’s Nicole



This girl is also a big part of KARA. What type of girl group can you have without a rapper? Nicole has that job. She’s just 17 and the girl is looking fine! She might have lost a couple of pounds, but she’s looking hot as hell! She wrote lyrics for KARA’s first album, so men, she will be bringing the stake. She can be doing hot with her gals… or just by herselfhot_karanicole_KJP2


It’s a good time to drink a good glass of water, because the list is getting hotter. Who’s next on this hot list?

Let’s try SNSD’s Yoona



The girl celebrates her birthday on May 30, so she won’t be staying 19 forever. She’s in one of the biggest girl group in Korea, so you should be happy if you ever get a shot at this girl. This girl does multi things. She’s an actress, singer, model, and a dancer. Maybe she can dance for you boys when she gets with you. But she’s gotta grow older before you try. She was even hot back then…


We’ve got one more person left on our list. Who is it? Drumroll anyone? It’s 4Minute’s Hyunah



They took her out of Wonder Girls, but who says a little competition isn’t going to start a fire, cause this girl is looking great! Rapper’s are something hot in Korea, because she’s someone big there. She’s just 17 and she already has lots of pros and cons surrounding her. But what type of artist are you without pros or cons? She can steam you anytime. If you don’t know who she is, you’ve gotta be out of your mind. She is a hot issue. This girl will surely get you horny, someway, somehow.


So, out of all these girls, who do you think is the hottest? You can vote as much as you want, but try voting once. You may now vote! Don’t hold in your guilty pleasures.


9 thoughts on “[Poll] Hottest Korean Girls Under 20

    • your an ass.

      if you are a taker, then you can take your ass , and get out!

      these girls are amazing and beautiful. cant say the same for that american crap!

  1. just discovered your blog!
    lol I really can’t vote for CL after I’ve seen her without-makeup picture
    I would have to vote for Nicole, since… well, her center position in the Mister performances tell all!

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