MTV Student Voice Award ’09… Winners


Mika Nakashima performs at the MTV student Voice award 2009, and she’s looking stunning.

The show was presented on Thursday at Shibuya AX. The drama/movie “ROOKIES” were very popular to young people. Check out the winners and some piccys!!

  • Best Artist: Miliyah Kato
  • Best Group: Kimaguren
  • Best Dance Artist: MiChi
  • Best Ringtone: “Sunao ni Naretara,” JUJU feat. Spontania
  • Best Lyrics: “Kimi ga Suki de,” Lil’B
  • Best Love Song: “Negai,” Dohzi-T feat. YU-A (Foxxi MisQ)
  • Best Party Karaoke: “Kimagure Romantic,” Ikimono Gakari
  • Best Actor: Hayato Ichihara
  • Best Actress: Nana Eikura
  • Best Fashionista: Jun Hasegawa
  • Best Movie: “ROOKIES: Sotsugyo”
  • Best Athlete: Ryo Ishikawa
  • Best Comedian: Hannya
  • Best Game: “Monster Hunter” series
  • Best Trend: “Tous” (Audrey)
  • Respect Award: Mika Nakashima

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