Rain rushed to the hospital


We all know how big of a star Rain is (He’ll soon be bigger than what he is now). So he has to amaze his fans… by injuring his knee.

Rain had injured his left knee during a performance of his “Legend Of Rainism Concert” in Japan last saturday. It is said that he went straight to the hospital after his return on August 31st. Doctors revealed that Rain was injured on his left knee.

J. Tune Entertainment says that Rain might have injured his knee when he jumped of a second story platform, which, probably, put pressure on his left knee after an uneven landing, causing injury. Doctors say that Rain should rest for some few days and take it easier next time.

Rain will come back and keep performing in his concert after his healthy is better.

Don’t worry fans, he’ll be back. He’s Rain. Rain always falls, doesn’t it?


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