DBSK will NOT disband!


I’m not a big fan of DBSK so I’m not jumping and screaming right now. So, you can do it I guess.

The rumors have been cleared. DBSK will not disband, ever, never, never-ever-ever-never! This news came right out of their mouths.

DBSK had an interview with Japanese paper Goodday Sports, and were asked a few questions.

Yunho stated “Our fans are increasing here, in Japan, and we’ve become a hot issue here.” while Junsu later added “Following this, all five members will finish and continue activities together. We want to grow with our fans. Even if we all have solo activities, we always find a way to stick together.”

So is this true or false? Who knows, they might be doing this to cheer their fans up, then disband. Or they really mean it. Let’s see how this story rolls on.

3 thoughts on “DBSK will NOT disband!

  1. hahha i’m jumping up and down for u =p … dbsk’s members are too close to break up, but even if the inevitable happens later on, i think they can geniunely stay friends/brothers forever!..

  2. They are fighting soo hard against thier company right now. Well at least Jaejoog, Junsu, and Micky are. I really hope everything turns in their favor I would hate for them to disband. I love DBSK too much. They really are close and it would be horrible if they disbanded, but I wouldnt want them to continue working if they are not happy with it.

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