Jang Jin Young passes away from cancer


Not Jang Ja Yeon, Jang Jin Young!

After this shocking news was revealed to the entire world, let’s just say, September isn’t starting out right. Another actress has laid on the ‘deathbed’ and gone to heaven. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer last September. But just had to leave this september.

It was reported today that Jang Jin Young’s stomach cancer was getting worse and was immediately rushed to the hospital. She had been getting her treatments in America since the past year. And finally returned to Korea on August 5th.

Treatment for her cancer could not be given because her health wasn’t good enough. While in the hospital, Jang Jin Young had been with her family and her boyfriend spending the last few moments she had.

On September 1st, 4:05 PM KST at Seoul’s St. Mary’s Hospital, Jang Jin Young was pronounced… dead.


When Jang found out about being diagnosed with Cancer she had stop working and focused on getting rid of the disease. Jang’s health was getting better while she took treatment in America, so this news was a shock to people around the world.

Jang Jin Young’s wake has been set in St. Mary’s Hospital for people to pay their last respects. Her funeral will be this Friday, September 4th.

The last thing she acted was titled “The Lobbyist”.

RIP from all of KoJaProduction’s team.


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