[MV] 4Minute is always for “Muzik”


After releasing a teaser, the official MV finally came out! The video is very very colorful, and the girls are, of course, sexeh! But I’m not bi or gay, so it wasn’t to me. Just like in the video they had a hot car! It’s a yellow Nissan 370z.

The song is ultraish boring to me. It sounds like “Hot Issue” or any other Korean song, so it doesn’t amaze me. It’s pretty catchy, though… like any other Korean music. They’re just dancing and moving… so it’s an interesting vid if you wanna see colorful background, cool outfits, and half-lame dances. What’s up with ‘their style’. It’s looks like any other Korean music artist type of outfit. I don’t get it.

Check out the MV!

Credits: urasiansourceKpop @ YT


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