[MV] f(x) gets fun with “Lachata”


The official MV for f(x)’s “Lachata” is finally out!!

f(x) have finally entered the K-Pop world with their debut single titled “Lachata”. It took some time, now they’re here, and we’ll probably see something bad soon, so don’t worry.

You’re thinking right now: But wait. Before I watch this MV, what does ‘Lachata’ mean. Hmmm.

You probably weren’t thinking that, but SM Entertainment said that the phrase “Lachata”, which is humongouslyy strange, is like an exclamation mark (!). It’s just a word that is used to dramatize the fun in this ‘fun’ song.

Everyone will probably like it since Jessica’s sister is in it, then they’ll get famous when their music isn’t that great, then if SNSD’s Jessica messes up, everyone will hate f(x), then everyone will like both group. It’s like recycling, we reuse them over and over.

Anyways, check out the MV!


Credits: adilahLOL @ YT

If you’re loving these girls, check them out on September 5th on their debut stage on Music Core.


4 thoughts on “[MV] f(x) gets fun with “Lachata”

  1. I think f(x) is a pretty good group. They have dance song and spunk which makes them good. i hope they keep up such good work. Thumbs up!!

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