DBSK Fans will make SM Entertainment lose money


… Again!

You can hate or love SM Entertainment cause I don’t care. Actually, I do hate them! They’re okay… I guess.

Just when you thought life couldn’t get worse. DBSK fans are now asking for their money back! Oooh! Yes, fans of DBSK are asking for their money back. They’re threatening to sue SM Entertainment if they don’t receive their money. One thing… LOL!

But what are they suing for? They’re suing for the SMTown ’09 Live, which was postponed. Fans gathered to together and broke into SM and kicked all of the workers in the building. Okay, I gotta stop joking. They actually just got together and demanded for apology. They’re asking for at least 10% of their money back!

But how many fans? 1, 2, 50? No! 1,222 fans.

SM Entertainment stated that the members will be performing at the concert forgetting the lawsuit. But due to the lawsuit, it has been postponed and killed or hurt many DBSK fans.

Many fans are angry by the fact that they didn’t have a good reason to postpone it.

DBSK fans are very scary. If I make a record company, DBSK will never be in it. I’m too scared to take care of these boys. Girls can’t even confess their feelings to the members without thinking of getting shot.


3 thoughts on “DBSK Fans will make SM Entertainment lose money

  1. Only if tvxq’s best selection 2010 goes over 1000000 sales will dbsk win over sm as sm will realise dbsk’s importance and tvxq recent mv picture of u should have over 20,000,000 views. I heard it from a sm employee.

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