Kim Jung Hoon is interested in SNSD’s Taeyeon


Sexy Kim Jung Hoon revealed that he has an attraction to SNSD’s Taeyeon. He said what?

The singer and actor is said to be having his vacation for his 100th day serving his nation.

During a phone conversation he said “While I was in the military, I started having a liking for SNSD’s Taeyeon”.

It is said that Kim Jung Hoon wasn’t interested in any female celebrities, but ever since he entered the military… he found someone.

It pretty much all started when SNSD wrote a lengthy letter to him with an autograph CD.

Kim Jung Hoon's 1st Mini-Album

Check out his debut song titled “In Your Eyes”.

Credits: urasiansourceKpop @ YT

Taeyeon is one lucky girl if she dates him. Rarr.


3 thoughts on “Kim Jung Hoon is interested in SNSD’s Taeyeon

  1. KJH actually like Taeyeon?!Well,many bad reports have come out about her and KJH still adores her.Is this called ‘strong love’?haha,anyway,i hope KJH will find a better girl like YEH,she’s really cute and many have said that they looked compatible!:)

  2. aww.. i dont like taeyeon and shes not cute.. there are so many bad news came about her? why still her? huh.. why kim jeong hoon?? i hope u find another girl that is really cute and compatible to u… ,<3 i love u kim jeong hoon

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