Lee Si Young and JunJin… broke up!


What the hell just happened?

Boys Over Flowers actress Lee Si Young was recently dating JunJin and now… it’s over!

It is said that Lee Si Young and JunJin broke up because Lee Si Young gave JunJin herpes, so JunJin hit her, and is now serving years of probabation. No, they actually just had busy schedules with their work. They both had the present and future in their mind, so they decided to continue what their current projects is, which caused the splitting.

They both wanted their lives to become fair now and the future, so they decided to choose happiness over love? Whaat? This doesn’t happen in Korean dramas.

Even though JunJin was very hot in the “Hey Ya” video and I’d be a lucky gal to snatch this son of a blech, I have to say that it’s very sad to see them break up… because of work. *sigh*.

One thought on “Lee Si Young and JunJin… broke up!

  1. I think they might be making it up since it got tough on them when they were dating, but if it is true, it really is hard to see them break up! I thought they’d destroy all their obstacles.

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