After School’s UEE gets busy with some stranger!


Thanks to photoshop, After School’s UEE was caught with some man having sex!

The shocking information hit Korea with a bang. The man in the photoshopped photo is unknown. The story behind the picture is pretty much about UEE and a man going to a motel to have sex.

Pledis Entertainment stated to concerned fans

There is no way that this photos are real! We have also informed her about this shocking news, and she is in shock and disbelief. She has stated that the photos are a fake. This photo is purely 100% fake!

After some digging had been done, this photos were proved to be fake. It was a picture of her cutting her birthday cake… I guess.

Check out some more photos.



Luckily, this photos are fake, and will not have a big impact on UEE. Antis should be ashamed! Oh my gosh.


22 thoughts on “After School’s UEE gets busy with some stranger!

  1. it is obviously fake! look at the two faces, ultimately the same which suggests that the face was carved out of the original picture and then photoshoped!

  2. i can do photography and stuff and i can tell that it is fake cuz i know how to do that on photoshop. poor uee if i was her i dont know what id do.

  3. hahahah! it’s fake… very obvious…. while i hate accusing any fanclub… i think it’s a SONE who did this, since, after all, after school pwns SNShitD

    • SNSD maybe slightly overrated but you certainly aren’t even fit to make a comparison to any one of them so fuck off. And GOSH, it must be done by some low-lifes who hate UEE in the drama, You’re Beautiful. Afterall, I myself too hate her in the drama and I see umpteen nasty comments on almost every episode of You’re Beautiful when I watched in on YouTube. But some people just got to differentiate a show from reality. Just because you hate the role a certain actor/actress portray doesn’t mean you have to hate him/her in real life. They are an ACTOR afterall — ACTING is their profession and is what they rely on for the food on their tables.

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