Jaebum apologizes for calling Korea gay


After news broke out that Jaebum called Korea gay, people were astonished and grossed out. But I don’t really get why people should be amazed… it was before he even debuted in 2PM.

Since netizens can be crazy, they take things too far. Jaebum released an official statement to forgive and forget.

2PM Jaebum stated that he’s sorry and he didn’t like Korea because he was born and raised in the states, so it felt different for him. He couldn’t speak the language so well the foods he ate was very different from what he ate in the US. He also couldn’t understand the culture and felt that others treated him coldly. The comment he wrote was how he felt when he was in this bad situation. He says he’s truly sorry and will not make anymore bad mistakes.


People should really forget that. It’s the past, now he loves Korea. Sheesh, it’s the past. It’s like a fan hating SNSD because of what they did in the past. There’s a word in the dictionary. I wonder what it’s called. Oh yeah. It’s called “CHANGING”!


11 thoughts on “Jaebum apologizes for calling Korea gay

  1. I understand.He was having a hard time.In America when people get mad or pissed they say its gay.Mostly they dont mean it.But I get him,and he was just a regular person then.So what the hell?People make big deals out of little things.

  2. i understand him…yeah he was having a hard time at time and of course…with dat kind of situation family helps the most…and his family wasn’t there with him so yeah he’s gonna feel home sick…sometime people juss need to put themselves in othera people shose to noe how they feel…so people that really like to dig things up and talk shit like dat out there…next time you do dat please think about wat your doing and think if you were in dat person shoes how would effect you.

  3. OMG,,
    get over it. korean kids are really over dramatic and
    they always look for ways to make fun of people, obviously they made fun of him and took advantage on him for not being able to speak korean when he is korean,, and because of his accent. has anyone heard of HOMESICK?
    and people tend to exagerate stuff to make it more personal when talking to friends,, freakn bias people.,, just bc he wrote that doesnt mean he actually meant it.

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