SNSD Talks Bad About SuJu’s HanKyung?

It looks like the only Chinese member of SuJu is quitting because of the harsh treatment of SM and… SNSD? Antis get ready!

HanKyung filed a request to the Seoul Central District Court to destroy his contract with SM on the 21st. It is rumored that HanKyung wanted to become a solo singer and step away from SuJu, but his contract with SM wouldn’t allow it.

There isn’t really a confirmation on the details.

NOW it has been revealed that HanKyung doesn’t only want to leave SM because of the harsh treatment he’s getting but because of SNSD. This is just a rumor, so it hasn’t been proven yet. stated

Hankyung wants to leave SM Entertainment not only because of his contract, but because of the mistreatment from other artists of the company. It’s been reported that he has been receiving hurtful comments from SNSD for some time. He was disregarded by people after working very hard and developed psychological disorders. Because of the disorders, he wanted to take a break but they denied his request. SNSD has always been sarcastic and used satire against him. For example, they would say to him, “Oppa! Do you think you can look Korean by dyeing your hair blonde?” Comments of this nature hurt Hankyung and he couldn’t take it anymore.

We aren’t sure if this article is supposed to make people believe SNSD are villains or if Chinese people dislike Koreans… alot.

Might or might not be true. Who knows.


4 thoughts on “SNSD Talks Bad About SuJu’s HanKyung?

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  2. I’m a TRUE SONE but IF (read:if) they act like that, i wouldn’t be a SONE anymore,,, i know this has proven false, but….. still………

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