Baek Ji Young Faints During A Concert!

Baek Ji Young was sick before starting her concert. But even though she was sick and understood that she had a big schedule, she tried to make all her appearances without feeling or looking sick.

In early 2009, Baek Ji Young had surgery on her vocal chord. The doctor told her not to overuse her voice, but she did anyway. Because of this she eventually caught a cold. To add on to the pain, she also has a low blood pressure.

On December 26, Baek finished her “Baek Ji Young Dinner Party” and fans were amazed that she could pull it off with a cold. But the result of this ended up to dizziness and a very high fever. The next day, her fever got worse. During her concert she apoligized to her fans and was immediately sent to the hospital.

With determination she got up and went to the 2009 KBS Entertainment awards. She completed most of her concerts and went to the awards. This appearances caused her fever to get even worse.

Then the concert happened. Baek decided to finish her concert. With luck, she went through five songs then the dizziness, fever, and lack of strength started kicking in. She started crying on stage due to the pain.

After performing her fifth song she stated “I don’t want to faint in front of you guys. I’m really sorry to have performed for you all in this condition. I can’t keep doing this concert. I don’t want to let anyone down. For all of you, I wish to make this up to you as soon as I can. Please leave your name and address and I will invite you all to another show.”

She walked off stage and immediately fainted.

Due to this she will not attend her SBS Gayo Daejun performance. She is discharged from the hospital and is taking some time to rest.

We all wish her good health. Stay well Baek!!


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