G-Dragon’s Style Is Weird And CL Is Too Young To…

…To become the next Miley Cyrus, even though she’s already older than her.

The two people in the world that I love the most in the K-Pop Scene, especially G-Dragon, are getting criticized by how they look like.

One of the hottest girl in the K-Pop scene, CL, was criticized because she looked very “whorish” on 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun. In other words, she looked like Miley Cyrus in her “Party In The USA” video.

While they both performed “The Leaders”, CL had worn a sexy black leotard/body suit, and this caused a lot of ruckus amongst fans. This costume (you can see from the picture above) showed her bra and her stomach. She’s 18, I think she’s kinda considered an adult.

Some netizens stated that she’s still too young to wear something like that. But then again, what girl doesn’t wear something short and skimpy these days? Some netizens found her outfit amazing and different. Too bad she didn’t take it off, right boys?

Some netizens also stated that G-Dragon’s outfit was weird and unlike him. Okay, if it’s weird, it’s G-Dragon. The only thing I didn’t like was his gelled down hair. WOAH! The pink jacket, shoes, and pants were like G-Dragon. The hair… pulled me away.

Most girls wear a lot of tight things these days, don’t they? Pssh… I do too.


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