Shoo Becomes A Solo Singer

Member of SES will become a solo singer. But when will it be. Well, duh, it’s next year!

Since the dibandment of SES, Shoo have been in the musical theater ever since. She’s been in access with both Korea and Japan. This will be a period of joy since seven years ago.

The remaining members of SES, Eugene and Bada have both released new material, but now it’s Shoo turn to come back to the K-Pop scene.

Shoo explained that after SES broke up she had gotten lots of offers to go out and release a solo album but didn’t have the courage to step out on the stage alone. She says she wants to come back with something SES fans have never heard of before. Hope it’s not a sex tape.

Back to the news, Shoo will most likely come back with a new mini album. Her company says she will be back with a dance-heavy genre.

She will be back sometime in January of 2010.


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