DBSK… Gone Forever!

Are They? Fan girls, time to shed tears.

Yahoo! Japan made an article on December 31st, 2009 that from now on the group has officialsy disbanded. This is not a true statement, so it hasn’t been proven yet.

The Japanese reports have stated that they’re officially done with making songs together as a group. They will not travel together, no more interaction (eh eh, touching), or even talk to each other backstage!

Since they have disbanded it is revealed that the boys haven’t interact as much as they used to. They even have different dressing rooms, if they don’t have the opportunity to have seperate rooms, they would not talk to each other or they would either build walls to block each other. BREAK OUT might be their final single and their last album, BEST album, might be the last, releasing February. It is also said that they will have a final concert in June.

Though this isn’t officially true. SM Entertainment and Avex states that the article is false and the three members that are filing a law suit claims that this is false too.

Though Korean fans have not heard any official statemtent of a final concert. But what about the rest?

Maybe DBSK are saying this is false to keep their fans happy as long as they can. There might be more to this developing news.


5 thoughts on “DBSK… Gone Forever!

  1. oh no!!! pliz don’t disband… i love them together… they’re always happy together, y did this happen??? i mean, wut actually happen???

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