IU Gets Targeted On Her MiniHompy

Remember the days when fan girls took over the world and made every female star that got close to their ‘idols’ perish in the harsh words? When fan girls would become antis because girls wore short skirts and danced around in it? Oh yeah, those days are still going.

Sweet IU was bashed on her MiniHompy due to who? Yoseob of BEAST.

IU and Yoseob had gotten together to perform “Marshmellow” on KBS Music Bank on the 1st. Hmm… Marshmellow. I guess Yoseob/ BEAST fans weren’t appreciative of this and decided to bash IU by giving negative comments.  Some fan boys, trying to be heroic and awesome, tried to protect and stop the fan girls. But you know fan girls, nothing stops them. Due to this, IU, or her management, was forced to shut her minihompy.

What’s so wrong about the performance? Nada. Check it out.

Credits: spodocskpark7 @ YT

Fan Girls need to stop going too far with this girl and boy collaboration crap.


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