ZE: A Finally Reveals Themselves With A MV

I kinda mix them with Zia. It’s very frustrating.

The children of empire are finally revealing themselves. Though the teaser is short and simple. Sexy yet calm. Lucky for us girls, member Dong Joon is in a frozen pyramid. But why is this so awesome… he’s naked! SHEESH. They used to only pleasure guys, now it’s the girls turn! *Cough Cough*, back to the story.

This group is also one of the most anticipated boy group to debut. The group will officialy debut on the 7th… in two days! They will release their full music video and album. They will start with a track titled “Mazeltov” or “Good Luck” in Hebrew. Hebrew… aren’t they Korean?

Though, the ‘child’ they claim is in that pyramid doesn’t look like a child. He seems to be a MAN! The only thing I want in this full length video is to show things that will make a young girl happy. Tee hee hee hee. Gotta stop blabbing. Check out the teaser!

Credits: AznSamManMV @ YT


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