G-Dragon To Be Raped In Jail!

He will. That’s how hot he is!

Big Bang’s Leader G-Dragon might go to jail due to a concert that happened last year. His “Shine A Light” concert is getting him into troubles due to all the provocative things he did at the concert, which was really good. Due to his ”love-making” to Aimee Lee Lucas stand-up bed, G-Dragon might end up to jail. But why is he going to jail for this? Because the concert didn’t rate for ages 19+, instead 12+ year olds were enjoying it! I bet condoms are going off the sheleves like crazy.

Even G-Dragon’s first solo ablum “HeartBreaker” is rated for 19+. Songs such as “She’s Gone” and “Korean Dream” is said not to be played on TV until every kid in Korea is asleep. Kidding, just after 10PM. Also, minors are not even allowed to get those songs. Poor babies.

The officers are still investigating this ‘crime scene’. If this case is lost by G-Dragon, he would have to pay a $5,000 fine and will also have to spend a year in prison… being raped by big buff men. YG says they will take the case with responsibility of any legal actions.

Fans that attended the concert made a petition for G-Dragon. I mean the victims (lucky victims) that were forced to watch G-Dragon lay Aimee on that bed. This petition pretty much stated

In order for a performance to be filed for being obscene, the audience must agree to it. However, the concert was not obscene to the viewers and none of us were sexually offended. We can not let a single performance degrade the quality of the whole concert.

So those lucky fans that saw this are the luckiest people on Earth. Anyways check out these photos!



3 thoughts on “G-Dragon To Be Raped In Jail!

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  2. Good luck to him and, although I dont need to say it, his fans (both Korean and international!) support him! The petition is a fabulous thing and I guess we can only really hope and pray that someone sees sense in it all…

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