Namie Amuro Is Dating Someone?

Josei Seven says that Namie Amuro is dating comedian Atsushi Tamura. It was said that they took a trip together to go to the US in the past week.

It is said that Amuro went from Narita to Los Angeles on December 28th and Tamura came along the next day. They both met each other then took a flight to Phoenix, Arizona. During the flight they had sat next to each other and Namie Amuro apparently was caught sleeping on his shoulder. Maybe it’s a coincidence?

During the time that their trip lasted, 9 days and 7 nights, they said to be cuddling and holding each other’s hands. They also checked into a hidden resort hotel and visited the scenic Seonda area.

It is believed that the met last summer at a house during a mutual friend’s party. Tamura had dated many celebrities such as Nanako Fujisaki and Noriko Nakagoshi. His last girlfiriend was a non-celebrity and he had broken up with her last September, which was probably the time when Amuro and Tamura started dating.

She usually spent her new years with her 11-year-old son, but she had ordered someone to take care of him while she went on the trip with Tamura.

No one has commented on this matter.

Wow, what a story! Amuro is getting her freak on! >_< OH WOW!


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