Younha Lip-Synching On Music Bank!

It’s not the first time musicians have been caught lip-synching live.

Younha had been hospitalized for about a week because she was diagnosed with pneumonia. She was told to rest for some while but she quickly resumed her activities. She sang her comeback song “We Broke Up Today”, but fans started realizing this when she was mouthed the word “I’m Sorry” at the end of her performance, which she is. 

Younha might have suffered from pneumonia and recovered but she still suffered laryngitis. During rehearsals, it is said that Younha broke out in tears after finding out that she lost her voice. Due to this she was forced to lip-synch for her performance. Feeling very guilty for this, Younha apologized, bow, and left the stage.

Her management had told her to rest but Younha replied “If I do faint, then I will faint on stage”.

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