Ivy Is Now A Victim Of Identity Theft!


A woman who is titled one of the sexiest woman alive bungee jumped to start off the new year. It was during a filming of her personal documentary on MNet Ivy Back. There were many paparazzi at that site to take pictures on the wonderful leap she took. And it quickly spread throughout the internet. But Ivy became a victim to Identity Theft when a photograph unveiled on the internet. Wait, what?

On January 10th a photograph with Ivy’s ID Number leaked through out the internet. Also Ivy’s personal information. The photo was released through an online newspaper. The reporter did not delete Ivy’s information on the photo and just went ahead and publish the photo. It exposed her 16-digit social security number, and this photo was rapidly shared among netizens. Due to this, her personal information has been hacked over and over.

Though, another photo was, then, put up without her information, many netizens have already gotten her information.

Ivy’s management said they will be taking legal action on this situation and will hire cyber investigators to check out everything. Any netizens that are using her information will be taking care of with legal action.

Oh no. I feel so sorry for Ivy. Hope this will end soon.


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