• Title: 熊貓人 / Xiong Mao Ren
  • English title: Pandamen
  • Genre: Fantasy, science fiction, action, romance
  • Episodes: 20+
  • Broadcast network: CTS
  • Broadcast period: 2010-Apr
  • Air time: Friday 22:00
  • Summary

    Year 2030, in a dark corner of Bright City, lies a powerful evil force: Violent Group, headed by Tiger Brother & Wolf. Burning, killing, looting, they begin destroying the whole city, and also begin brewing a terrible secret plan: to control the human brain. At such a critical time, Bright City’s 2 super heroes ‘Panda Superman’ & ‘Panda Heroic’ take up the responsibility of protecting the citizens and restoring justice.

    ‘Panda Superman’s father was previously a very kind-hearted philanthropist, and organised many charity events. One day, someone kidnapped his little boy and ‘Panda Superman’s father rushed to save him, but unfortunately lost his own life. Hence, this little boy ‘Panda Superman’ used his father’s head, and a panda’s attitude as the spirit of his own future. After this incident, he would wear a panda outfit, and restore justice in the community. As for the other Pandaman – ‘Panda Heroic’ is a cleaner at the zoo, of course he is also very kind-hearted.


    • Zhan Yu Hao (宇豪/詹宇豪) as Pan Da / Panda Superman 潘達 / 熊猫超人
    • Devon Song (彈頭/宋健彰) as Chi Nan Jie / Panda Hero 赤南介 / 熊貓俠
    • Jessie Chiang (江語晨) as Xiao Yu 小雨
    • Tang Yan as Li A 俐亞
    • Guo Xiao Zhong (郭堯中) as Shuai An Ge 帥安格
    • Wang Jing as Lu Si Qing 路詩晴


    • Jay Chou (周杰倫) as Detective Leo 里奧探長
    • Jerry Yan as Detective Chen 陳探長
    • Eric Tsang
    • Liu Geng Hong as Can Lang 殘狼
    • Shawn Yue as Luo Han 羅漢
    • Jiu Kong (九孔) as Qian Shu 錢鼠
    • Tian Jing Chun (田京泉) as Hu Ge 虎哥
    • Will Pan as Jason
    • Huai Chen (淮辰) as Bei Dou 北斗
    • Guo Ke Yu (郭柯宇) as Cindy
    • Huang Tai An
    • An Ze Hao (安澤豪)
    • Vincent Fang (方文山)
    • Liao Jian Ling (廖建玲)
    • Li Guo Xiu (李國修)

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