2PM Going Their Seperate Ways For A While

The promotions for 2PM’s “Heartbeat” has come to an end and they say that they want to take a break so that each of them can do their solo activities for a while. JYP Entertainment mentioned that 2PM’S last activities for now would be in Inkigayo, which it was. A rep stated that the members are going to take time to rest and work on their solo activities.

It has been approved that both Taecyeon and Wooyoung will continue as MCs for SBS Inkigayo. At the end of this month Taecyeon will be filming Family Outing, Season 2. And for all you Nichkun fans, he’ll be working on his new movie The Shining Diploma. The rest of the members Junsu, Junho, and Chansung (I wish I could say Jae) will also be having their own solo activities.

But don’t worry, they’ll all join as one. They’re planning to return this April. So let’s see what each member has in store for us!


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