Rinco’s Restaurant

  • Movie: Rinco’s Restaurant
  • Romaji: Shokudo Katatsumuri
  • Japanese: 食堂かたつむり
  • Director: Mai Tominaga
  • Writer: Ito Ogawa (novel), Hiroko Takai
  • Release Date: February 6, 2010
  • Runtime:
  • Studio: Toho, TBS
  • Distributor: Toho
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan
  • Summary

    A young woman (Kou Shibasaki) in her mid 20’s becomes so heart broken she loses her voice. To recover, the woman decides to go back to her hometown and stay with her free-spirited mother whom she has not been very close to in the past. The young woman then decides to open a restaurant which accepts only one customer a day, allowing for thoughtful preparation for that customer.


    • Kou Shibasaki – Rinco
    • Kimiko Yo
    • Tomokazu Miura
    • Brother Tom
    • Tetsushi Tanaka
    • Mirai Shida
    • Miori Takimoto

    Credits: pangelankucing @ YT


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