SBS Leaves A Spot For Jaebum

I’m pretty sure there are so many people missing 2PM’s ex-leader, Jaebum. I’m pretty sure SBS and the 6 other 2PM members miss him too because they left that special spot for him. On this weeks SBS Inkigayo 2PM held their goodbye stage for the end of their Heartbeat promotions. The performed the two tracks Tired Of Waiting and Heartbeat. With what SBS and the 6 members did, fans were truly obliged.

During the intoduction of 2PM’s final performances for their album, SBS put an image of 2PM and left a blank white spot for Jaebum. To add to that while the 2PM members performed they left a space in the middle for the person they’re missing, Park Jaebum. Fans we’re extremely thankful and began chanting, “We’ll be waiting Park Jaebum. We’ll be waiting 2PM!” After all of that the fans couldn’t help but thank Inkigayo:

Inkigayo thank you so much. Only Inkigayo! PD we love you. We were extremely impressed (heart warming). We won’t forget how you took care of us, thank you.

I think it was extremely nice of Inkigayo and the members to do that. I hope to see Jae back soon! Check out the performance!

Credits: KOREANview2 @ YT


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