SNSD Getting Ready To Wow Fans With New Choreography

As you know, the girls of SNSD were rumored to be coming back to the stage to give their fans more of their love. This rumor was later confirmed and fans are anxiously waiting to see what new things what the girls have in store for them, trying to look for clues the girls left behind and the new style that awaits them.

Another clue was left behind, which is now making me itch for more, no… literally. Lisette Bustamante, wow I love her first name, is a well-known choreographer who has worked with SM Entertainement before and she says she can’t wait to see how the video will turn out.

She posted on her twitter that she is currently working with SNSD in Seoul, which is probably  for their new title track. She wrote

Last day in Seoul….these chicks have worn me out! Can’t wait to see how this video comes out…Go GIRLS GENERATION!!!

Just finished my last rehearsal with GIRLS GENERATION…they are the BEST and the SWEETEST girls ever..the video is going to be AMAAAAZING!

For all of you who want to sort of predict how the choreography will be like… Bustamante has choreographed BoA’s BUMP BUMP!, Eien, and others from her THE FACE Live Concert in 2008.

For more clues, on a recent broadcast of MTV’s Girls On Top there was a highlight on YoonA, and her stylist coded that the concept of the new track would be a combination of the cute side of SNSD and a futuristic side.

This is the rumored tracklist and it appears the song “Girl’s Galaxy” will be their title track. I hope they can pull this one off!

The album is on shelf on February


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