SNSD Sparks Another Scandal With Ahjussi

Another cartoon has been posted on the internet by a man called by the name Yoon Seoh In. I’m pretty sure those raging hormones in men are moving like wildfire right about now.

Anyways, this new cartoon is called “Joy Ride 529, Lady’s Generation Past Pictures.” This cartoon had SNSD mmembers in kinky poses and fans are accusing this as a case of sexual harassment. Uh oh, another Miley Cyrus case!

‘Gwaguh’ is the word for ‘past’ in Korean and it is also used for the national public officers exam held during the Chosun era. So basically the picture shows the members in a horny position weraing little clothes, taking a test. The person who posted this on the web is the same person that caused the other sick controversy in the beginning of last year. With this, now wee know this Yoon guy is a pervert who seriously needs to get laid.


One thought on “SNSD Sparks Another Scandal With Ahjussi

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