SM Entertainment Responds To SNSD’S Sextoon

Yoon Suh In, the creator of the cartoon of SNSD, seems to be in major dodo. His cartoon, as you know, was put as sexual harassment towards the girls of SNSD. I actually find it funny, but I guess SM Entertainment doesn’t. I understand this cause this guy is probably a 40 year-old virgin or something. Anyways he apologized for what he did andtook down the picture from the internet. His apology went…

This cartoon was drawn as a direct interpretation of news stories that were written about how girl groups are often used to fish for fans via sex appeal. But my intentions were misrepresented by the news reports that were released about my cartoon, so it is better off that it is removed. My intentions were not expressed properly and it is my fault. I’m sorry about the scandal that has risen because of this and I would also like to express my apologies to everyone who has seen this cartoon.

Aww, he sounds like a decent guy, but if I were him I wouldn’t go around posting pictures of my favorite group with extreme sex appeal! It’ll make them look bad. I don’t thinkwe want another anti-SNSD era springing back up!

Anyways, SM Entertainment didn’t see the way I did. They responded to that apology by saying

We were unable to respond quickly as we were doing research on the artist of the drawing, as well as on the portal site for legal review. Although he apologized stating that his intentions were misunderstood, he never apologized in regards to SNSD. Therefore we will respond after legal review

Oooh, I think this is bad news for Yoon. I hope he isn’t peeing in his pants now, because that’ll be gross.

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