SunMi Leaves Wonder Girls For Education

This is truly a breaking news.

There was a via release on Wondergirls official US site about the depart of SunMi (Mimi)…

JYP Entertainment has announced that Mimi from the Wonder Girls has decided to postpone her musical career to pursue an academic career.

Mimi, the rest of the Wonder Girls members, her family, and JYP Entertainment have collectively decided to postpone her musical career for the time being.

JYP Entertainment said, “Mimi had a truly memorable, once in a lifetime experience while living in the U.S. and touring over 50 cities. We support her decision to pursue an academic career at this time. We will also support Mimi if she chooses to return to singing after her academics are complete. In the meantime, she plans to frequent JYP facilities and continue her dance and vocal classes.”

Mimi will remain with the Wonder Girls in the U.S., continuing with any scheduled performances and activities until the end of February. As of March, she will return to Korea and prepare to focus on her studies. JYP has named 17 year old Lim as the newest member to the quintet. Lim has gone through extensive training at the JYP Academy for three years and is fluent in four languages: English, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese.

We really hope she can find happiness in the future and come back to the music scene as soon as she can.

Anyways more story on SunMi’s replacement, Lim. Photos of Hae Lim has now been revealed. She’s 17 years old and was born in Hong Kong with Korean descent. Anyhoo, check out Lim’s photos.

Her style doesn’t really fit the Wonder Girls style… but we’ll have to wait and see.


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