Wonder Girls Reply To SunMi’s Decision

The recent decision that SunMi made has disrupted the minds of WonderFuls, such as me. There was a major shock that shook the world. Now people are wondering what will happen since Wonder Girls are planning an upcoming album? Also, if SunMi would ever come back to the group. So many questions, so little answers. Well, Wonder Girls wrote on their official Daum cafe for WonderFuls. They don’t have the answers to all our questions, but put our hearts at ease…

To the Wonderfuls we love, please read this ^^♡

To all the loving fans who have been our energy.
Hello we are the Wonder Girls.
Through the recent news [of Sunmi’s leave], we know how shocked and sad you must be..!
Because of our fans’ support, I think we were able to live day by day in America with a thankful heart ..and learn so much!
In the ample spare time we had, the five of us shared many stories with each other.
Because of the promise she made to her fans and herself, Sunmi has debated over this issue a lot, and for that very reason, it took her so long to reach this decision.
It was such a hard decision, and, like the fans, we are also very.. sad but
We hope you respect Sunmi’s decision..^^ because this must not have been an easy decision for Sunmi…
But just as our love for Sunmi will never change, we hope everyone’s care and love for Sunmi doesn’t change either! ^^
We will always work hard and do our very best! Thank you.. We love you!^^

sunmikiwangjang and bequietimhappy @ WG Spectacle for translations

We’ll always have SunMi as a part of Wonder Girls and she’ll never fade away. She was a great addition to Wonder Girls! Go SunMi! TT_______TT


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