The Court Rules In Favor Of…

…The Asian dude!

Woo hoo! Time to bring out the champagne and celebrate. Cut the cake and enjoy the day. If it’s your birthday today, then this is good news, for sure!

Superstar Rain has won the lawsuit that was placed against him and his former Entertainment company, JYP Entertainment. Wellmade STARM had sued both of them a nice bill of 4.57 million won (About 4 million dollars) last year in March. This happened because Rain had cancelled his performance during a US tour in 2007. Wellmade STARM was the key holder to this concert and found out that Rain had breached his contract because he didn’t perform sixteen concerts like he was supposed to.

Judge Bae Kwang Kook stated that the preparations for the tour was highly poor and it wasn’t his fault that it was cancelled because it was the US promoters fault. He dismissed the lawsuit after that.

Rain also had another lawsuit with Click Entertainment, but they have had an agreement now.

This is awesome! I wuv my Rain! Yesh!

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