New Boy Band Teases

And they look quite yummy.

The new Korean boyband, Dae Guk Nam Ah or D-NA, has revealed themselves to the world, and I’m very happy. The boys are already getting publicity quite well. A lot of people have been searching them up and they have became one of the hottest new K-Pop boy group to debut.

D-NA finally released a little teaser, they’re not moving or singing, they’re just welcoming people and talking about their debut in just 20 seconds. But something important has also been released in this “Hello” teaser. On Monday, February 1st 2010 they will release their first teaser. They finished the teaser with a really long “annyeong”.

Anyhoo, the members are from XING Entertainment and are called (In order of the picture) Hyunmin (현민), Injun (인준),  Jay, Garam (가람), and Mika (미카). Enjoying them? Check out their official website. Oh yeah, I have dibs on Mika!

Credits: moraynnie3 @ YT

Anyhoo, someone was nice enough to make a video with pictures and information. Because I feel really lazy, here’s the video!

Credits: LovinDGNA @ YT


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