ShinDong Talks About Women That Are Plus Size

It looks like ShinDong has a lot of bawlz under that fat.

Super Junior members are currently under the spotlight due to rumors, but now ShinDong wants to add something on their lists. ShinDong has been covered with criticsm on the 29th ever since he made a comment during a broadcast for MBC’s radio station “Shim Shim Tapa”.

A female listener had called the radio up and made a statement that she fought with her boyfriend because of her going on a diet. When she told her boyfriend about her diet plans he replied “Don’t start now, if you’re going to quit some few days later. Your body doesn’t have the strength to change with a diet.”

Kim Shin Young replied to her “To a girl, when there is a bad comment about her weight it’s like a punch to the face.”

Then ShinDong replied “If someone has to lose some pounds, I would tell them to lose it. ‘Lose some weight why can’t you take better care of yourself.’ Probably, when I’m saying this the person might think ‘Look who’s talking’, but I’d reply ‘I’m a boy and you’re a girl’ ”

Gu Eun Young then replied to ShinDong’s statement “Why is gender important right now? So girls should be skinny and boys can be…” and ShinDong quickly replied “I’m just saying. Honestly, I would rather love someone prettier or more handsome than I am.”

In a past episode of “Quiz To Change The World” featuring Super Junior members YeSung and LeeTeuk, which happened last year, both admitted that they don’t like obese women. Yesung said that obese people are lazy while LeeTeuk stated that he dislikes fat girls because they can’t take care of themseleves very well.

This a huge offense to obese people around the world. Though, I’m not plus size, so I don’t really have a huge comment on this, but I have to say that it was very rude and he should take it back. Look at him!

ShinDong apologized on his twitter by saying

I didn’t mean what I said. Those were words I would say to my gf. I only wanted my gf to be prettier if I had one. But I didn’t mean that girls have to lose weight. I am sorry that everyone took it the wrong way. But please understand that it wasn’t what I meant it to be.


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