Hae Lim’s Friend Raps To Cheer Her On But Disses WonderFuls

Okay, well this is very awkward.

The newest member of Wonder Girls, Hae Lim, has been getting some hater messages from a lot of people due to the decision made by Sun Mi to leave the group. Fans weren’t happy about the departure of Sun Mi. And after replacing her with Hae Lim they were furious and started writing hate comments on different websites. And then here comes a man called “Jam In”.

This “Jam In” dude claims to know Hae Lim and is furious about everyone that it criticizing Hae Lim. He took an instrumental version of Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” and made a rap song, defending Hae Lim and talking scrap about Wonderfuls.

The chorus is truly, truly, TRULY stupid. His not the best rapper, but I have to say he’s better than some rappers. His Engrish is bad. It’s kinda hard to enjoy this song no matter what. Jam In is pretty much saying that Wonderfuls aren’t being fair to Hae Lim and then explains some good things about Lim. He doesn’t really say much to attack Sun Mi. He doesn’t call her a bitch or a whore. But it gets overboard when he says “Truthfully, she’s prettier than Sun Mi.”

Well this dude needs some help. Check out the video.

Credits: TheJamin1992 @ YT


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