U-Kiss Teases For First Full Length Album

Life is good!

U-Kiss will finally have a full length album releasing on February 3rd! Ever since they came back with their new mini-album “ContiUKiss” I love them even more! On January 27th, U-Kiss made their new digital single titled “Without You” available. “Without You” is a really good song, so fans will truly enjoy it!

It is said that “Without You” was made by the Brave Brothers, which are very famous in Korea.

Anyways, check out “Without You”.

Credits: somaly101 @ YT

Full tracklist for their album “Only You”

2.I Like You Remix
3.ManManHaNi Remix
4.Not Young Remix
5.O.K Remix
6.Give it to Me Remix
7.Talk to Me Remix
10.Bang Bang Ban
11.Dancing Floor
12.Without You
13.뭐라고 (Instrumental)
14.빙글빙글 (Instrumental)

Craving for more? Well they just released a teaser! The teaser is for the titled song “Bingeul Bingeul”. Before you watch it I have to ask a question. Are you ready… for some hotness!

Credits: iiROOAR @ YT


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